ABDC is proud to be a HOPE STUDIO for Dancers Against Cancer!

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In 1994 Melinda C. Samperi opened Acton-Boxborough Dance Center to create a place for children to learn to share! her love of dance while gaining confidence and lasting friendships. She believed that everyone had a place for dance in their lives, and strived to create an environment that nurtured dancers of any age and ability level. Dance brought her such joy to her life, and she wanted to share that with the community.

ABDC is a multi-level dance studio, staffed with instructors who share Melinda’s passion for dance, teaching, and community. ABDC is a studio that not only offers several styles of dance to dancers of all ages, but is also a place that fosters growth, exploration, and creativity.

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From the parent of one of our graduating seniors:

“Dance will remain part of her life forever probably! Her older sister also continues to dance at college (she is a senior this year) and takes classes here in the Boston area when home on breaks. So, for both of them their time at ABDC has made a significant impact on their lives and I can’t possibly thank you and the rest of the teachers at ABDC enough for fostering their love of dance. We will certainly miss being part of the ABDC community in the future.”

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