The Do’s and Don’ts of Dance Class Etiquette!

The tradition of dance class etiquette is a long one, and at it’s core is about the trust and respect the student has for the teacher!  Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts of dance class etiquette!


  • Talk while the teacher is talking
  • Turn your back to the teacher or other students
  • Cross your arms, or stand with your hands on your hips while listening to the teacher.  Whether intended or not, this conveys an attitude of disrespect.
  • Talk in between exercises
  • Leave the dance floor during warm up or barre to get water or remove layers.  Wait until a break instead, or keep your water next to you at the barre for a quick sip between exercises.


  • Listen carefully with your arms behind your back or by your sides
  • Watch and support each classmate as they dance (quietly!)
  • Turn off your phone and remove jewelry before class
  • Follow instructions quickly
  • Dress appropriately for class-but please remember now that the weather is colder you MUST wear layers over your dance clothes while outside to avoid injury-even if you are warm after dance class!
  • Enter the studio on time, with your shoes already on and hair already done, and go straight to the beginning of class (standing on a number  or at the barre, etc)
  • Tell your teacher at the beginning of class if you need to be dismissed early
  • Thank your teacher, assistant teacher, and accompanist (if applicable) at the end of the class with a “thank you” and a curtsey or bow.


What do you think ensures a calm, fun dance class experience for everyone?  We’d love to hear from you!

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