Fixed vs Growth Mindset

This week, I’d like to share a bit I’ve learned about fixed vs. growth mindsets.  Here’s an image that summarizes the two:


A growth mindset is important for dancers, because most of what Dance asks of our bodies is not natural!  Yes, some people have an easier time with flexibility, balance, etc, but what we ask of our bodies during dance class is beyond what they were built to do.  If we have a fixed mindset, we will be easily frustrated-but with a positive growth mindset we can embrace challenges and learn to work in a smarter way to achieve our goals.  We learn in so many different ways-by watching the teacher or dancers who’s technique or stage presence we admire, by listening to and applying the teacher’s corrections, or through practice and repetition.  If we can embrace a new challenge, try our best, and not give up, there isn’t anything we can’t achieve!

Tell us in the comments-which mindset do you think you have?  What are some ways you can swap your thinking in order to have more of a growth mindset?

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