Things to be Thankful For!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, and food!

Every Thanksgiving, I think about how much I have to be grateful for-and this year I think there’s even more than normal!  Seeing the destruction caused by the fires in California, I’m so grateful that our studio and studio family is safe this holiday.  I try not to take for granted how lucky we are to have a wonderful space to dance and gather. The generosity of our families is overwhelming, and I’m so grateful to everyone to donating to Northern California Ballet (we’ll still be collecting donations after Thanksgiving).  I love our community and it’s willingness to help others.

I’m also so grateful for everyone’s cards, congratulations, and love this past month!  Our wedding was a dream come true, and our studio family was so amazing in helping us celebrate!  I’m so excited to celebrate our first holiday season as a married couple and all of you have made married life so special thus far!

There’s also no way to express how grateful I am to Brittany, Mariah, Marisa, Melanie, Jen and Robin for everything they do for ABDC.  From choreography, to picking costumes, editing music, planning classes, etc etc-there is SO much that goes on behind the scenes.  They are absolute rock stars, and I am so grateful for them (and I know our students are too).

What are you grateful for this year? ❤

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