Turn Out, Tune Up!

Hi Dancers and Happy New Year!  I am so excited for 2019 and all the new challenges and adventures it will bring!

Today I want to talk to you about something new we’re doing this year called “Turn Out, Tune Up Check Ins!”  Each dancer will receive a “check in” for each class they are currently enrolled in with notes from their teacher on things like technique, attitude, etc.  We are hoping these check in’s will help establish open communication between students and teachers, and give our students a focus for the second half of the year.  Here’s a bit more info on the thinking behind this!

Why are we doing these?

These evaluations will give our teachers the opportunity to give each student personalized feedback that we hope will guide them as we enter the second half of the dance year.  It gives students the chance to check in and reflect on their progress thus far, and will open the channel of communication between the student and the teacher to discuss their goals and how our teachers can help them reach those goals!  It also gives dance parents a chance to see this feedback as well, since they’re not in class with us every week!

What will these check ins look like?

For each class, you’ll receive some comments from your teacher on attitude/classroom behavior (which includes things like dress code, classroom etiquette, etc), and technique/skill (specific or more general things to work on in class).  Please free to discuss these with your teacher if you’re unclear on what they mean, or want more guidance on how to work on the things mentioned!  If you have specific goals for yourself and your dancing, we’d love to hear those too!

What should we do when we receive these check ins?

You’ll receive your check in forms in the mail.  If you’d like, you can discuss them with your teacher if you have any questions, or if you want to ask for any guidance.  We ask that you please do not share these with your classmates as these are intended for you alone.  Each student progresses at a different rate based on a huge number of factors and no two students are alike!  We do not want our students to compare or compete with each other, instead we hope our students will continue to support each other, encourage each other, and build each other up.  Thank you for understanding!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  Happy Dancing!

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