What does a career in dance look like?

This time of year sees a lot of high school juniors beginning their college search!  February and April vacations are often spent touring schools (often with disgruntled younger siblings in tow-I remember those days)!  A lot of students are interested in pursuing dance in college but may be wary-people always seem to want to tell you that careers in the arts are risky and you’ll need a backup plan.  However, you may have more options than you think if you’re interested in pursuing a career in dance.  Dancers are creative, flexible, passionate, hard-working and disciplined, which sets us up for success no matter what we choose to do!

Careers in dance aren’t limited to performing professionally or teaching.  Interested in what goes in to putting together a performance?  Consider lighting design or stage management.  Love to sew and design clothes?  Costume design could be for you!  You can also look into dance photography, dance therapy, physical therapy, becoming a yoga or pilates instructor!  You can also go into arts administration, marketing, or teach dance in a public school.  The possibilities are endless!  Here’s one article with some ideas for you: http://www.danceinforma.com/2015/04/01/15-great-dance-related-jobs-dancers/

ABDC has lots of alumni who have danced in college-whether recreationally or with the goal to pursue a dance-related profession, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!  I can put you in touch with someone who might have the same interests as you.

Happy college searching!


You Know You’re a Dancer When…

Being a dancer is unique, fun, and crazy!  Here’s how you know you’re one of the bunch!

  1.  You know you have a million bobby pins, but you can’t find one when you need it!
  2. You relevé to reach things on high shelves and plié to pick things up off the ground.
  3. You say 5, 6, 7, 8 instead of “ready, set go”
  4. People don’t recognize you with your hair down.
  5. You obsess over the length of your toenails.
  6. You own more pairs of black shorts, pants, and leggings than normal pants, and more leotards than shirts.
  7. Every single joint in your body cracks, and you can recognize your classmates by the sound of their joints cracking.
  8. You get asked all the time “can you do the splits?”
  9. Grocery store aisles are for tap dancing.
  10. You have a long list of songs you used to love and now hate because you did a dance to them and have heard them a million times.
  11. You know there is no pain like being whipped in the eye by your hair while turning, kicking yourself in the ankle wearing tap shoes, doing “The Climb” or one of Brittany’s workouts after a school vacation.
  12.  You love showing off during the sit and reach test in gym.
  13. The phrase “one more time” is the reason you have trust issues.
  14. “Oh hey, a new bruise”
  15. There’s nothing as wonderful as a new pair of tights.

What would you add to the list?  How do you know if you’re a dancer?  Please comment and let us know what you think!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dance Class Etiquette!

The tradition of dance class etiquette is a long one, and at it’s core is about the trust and respect the student has for the teacher!  Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts of dance class etiquette!


  • Talk while the teacher is talking
  • Turn your back to the teacher or other students
  • Cross your arms, or stand with your hands on your hips while listening to the teacher.  Whether intended or not, this conveys an attitude of disrespect.
  • Talk in between exercises
  • Leave the dance floor during warm up or barre to get water or remove layers.  Wait until a break instead, or keep your water next to you at the barre for a quick sip between exercises.


  • Listen carefully with your arms behind your back or by your sides
  • Watch and support each classmate as they dance (quietly!)
  • Turn off your phone and remove jewelry before class
  • Follow instructions quickly
  • Dress appropriately for class-but please remember now that the weather is colder you MUST wear layers over your dance clothes while outside to avoid injury-even if you are warm after dance class!
  • Enter the studio on time, with your shoes already on and hair already done, and go straight to the beginning of class (standing on a number  or at the barre, etc)
  • Tell your teacher at the beginning of class if you need to be dismissed early
  • Thank your teacher, assistant teacher, and accompanist (if applicable) at the end of the class with a “thank you” and a curtsey or bow.


What do you think ensures a calm, fun dance class experience for everyone?  We’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to our blog!

I decided to start this blog to share ideas, fun articles and thoughts about this crazy life we lead as dancers!  So to start, let’s talk about what it means to be a dancer!

To me being a dancer means being strong, graceful and disciplined.  I find that dancers have to be very independent-we have to learn to correct ourselves and be very self-motivated. Dancers are also very creative and passionate, and being a dancer means working collaboratively with others.  A healthy love of glitter and tulle doesn’t hurt either 🙂

What does being a dancer mean to you?  Let us know!